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Latest deals...
Oracle acquires cloud computing firm, NetSuite for USD 9.3 billion
28-July-2016 | Cloud Computing | M&A
Oracle has acquired the US cloud computing firm, NetSuite for USD 109 per share (approximately USD 9.3 billion) in cash. In 1998, NetSuite was a leader in cloud computing, developing a suite of cloud-based financials / Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and omnichannel commerce software. The software is used by over 30,000 companies, organizations, and subsidiaries in over 100 countries.
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Pinewood Group plc acquired by investors, PW Real Estate for GBP 323.3 million
28-July-2016 | Studio Facilities | M&A
On 10 February 2016, Pinewood Group plc was acquired the private equity investor, PW Real Estate Fund III LP for approx. GBP 323.3 million. The offer is equivalent to GBP 5.60 PER SHARE plus a dividend of GBP 0.032 per share. Pinewood is a leading UK studio facility.
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Wanda acquires Chinese film portal, Mtime for USD 350 million
27-July-2016 | Digital Media | M&A
China`s largest theater group Wanda has acquired China`s leading movie portal Mtime for USD 350 million. Mtime`s business covers media, online movie ticketing, merchandising, e-commerce and movie marketing.
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Verizon acquires Yahoo!`s operating business for USD 4.83 billion
25-July-2016 | Digital Media | M&A
Verizon Communications Inc. has acquired Yahoo!`s operating business for USD 4.83 billion in cash. Yahoo will be integrated with AOL.
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AMC Theatres acquires Odeon & UCI Cinemas for approx. GBP 921 million
12-July-2016 | Theatres | M&A
AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc has acquired UK-based Odeon & UCI Cinemas Group for approximately GBP 921 million from private equity firm, Terra Firma (consists of equity of GBP 500 million and the assumption of GBP 407 million). the consideration will be 75% cash and the remainder equity. Odeon & UCI Cinemas Group is a leading European cinema operator with 242 cinemas and 2,236 screens. Odeon & UCI operates in four major markets: UK, Spain, Italy and Germany; and three smaller markets: Austria, Portugal and Ireland.
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Tencent acquires 84% stake in gaming firm, Supercell for approx. USD 10.4 billion
21-June-2016 | Gaming | M&A
A consortium led by Tencent Holdings has acquired an 84% in the gaming firm, Supercell Oy for approx. USD 10.2 billion. SoftBank will no longer own any shares in Supercell following closing. As of the signing of the definitive agreement, Tencent holds all outstanding interests in the Consortium. Following the closing, Tencent currently expects to maintain a voting interest of 50% in the Consortium. Supercell is a mobile game developer based in Helsinki, Finland, with offices in San Francisco, Tokyo, Seoul and Beijing.
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Twitter acquires UK artificial intelligence firm, Magic Pony Technology
20-June-2016 | Artificial Intelligence | M&A
Twitter has acquired the UK-based Artificial Intelligence firm, Magic Pony Technology for a reported USD 150 million. Founded in 2014, Magic Pony uses machine learning to build improved systems for visual processing. By teaching a neural network what certain types of images are like, Magic Pony`s systems can restore lost information to blurry pictures, or create new visuals from scratch.
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