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Latest deals...
Hakuhodo DY acquires 30% stake in US design firm IDEO
09-February-2016 | Design & Innovation | Investments
Japanese advertising firm, Hakuhodo DY has acquired a 30 per cent stake in the US-based design and innovation firm IDEO. IDEO is to become part of a Kyu group that includes other acquisitions SY Partners, Red Peak Group, Digital Kitchen and Sid Lee.
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Digital recruitment service, Hired raises USD 40 million
08-February-2016 | Digital Recruitment | Investments
The digital recruitment firm, Hired has raised USD 40 million in funding led by Lumia Capital. Hired operates a curated candidate database in which firms can make competing bids for candidates. The company also made three acquisitions: Jobbop (Australia); Breaz (Paris); and Zlemma (USA).
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Microsoft acquires UK keyboard app firm, Swiftkey for USD 250 million
03-February-2016 | Mobile Apps | M&A
Microsoft has acquired the UK-based mobile app firm, Swiftkey for USD 250 million in cash. Swiftkey offerrs a predictive keyboard app which is installed on hundreds of millions of smartphones. The company was founded in 2008.
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NJ Broadcasting acquires radio station WWRL(AM) of New York
02-February-2016 | Radio | M&A
NJ Broadcasting has acquired WWRL(AM) of New York from Access1 Communications Corp. This is the first station for NJ Broadcasting and a release says it will program the station with content for the local south Asian community.
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Fandango (NBCUniversal) acquires movie streaming service M-GO
01-February-2016 | OTT Services | M&A
Movie digital destination site Fandango (a unit of NBCUniversal), has acquired OTT service M-GO, a joint venture between Technicolor and DreamWorks Animation. Terms of the acquisition which were not disclosed. M-GO is a movie streaming service.
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Autoscout24 (Scout24) acquires Autotrader (Netherlands) for EUR 27.7 million
01-February-2016 | Auto Classifieds | M&A
Autoscout24 Nederland (part of Scout24 Group) has acquired European Autotrader B.V. from Sanoma Media Netherlands B.V. The purchase price is EUR 27.7 million and is fully paid in cash. European Autotrader is a leading auto classifieds website in the Netherlands.
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Apple acquires education technology venture, LearnSprout
29-January-2016 | Education Tech | M&A
Apple has acquired education technology startup LearnSprout for an undisclosed sum. LearnSprout`s software lets teachers track student progress and test scores, organize class achievement targets and more school-oriented features. The acquisition follows Apple`s announcement of iOS 9.3, which includes several major new features for iPads in education, including multi-user account switching.
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