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Internet in Denmark- Industry Update
Industry Analysis  
Date published: 28-05-2013
Number of pages: 16
Number of tables/charts: 21
Format: PDF
Author: G2Mi Research
Price: (for non-subscribers): GBP 150.00 (excluding sales tax)
This 16 page report provides industry update for the Internet industry in Denmark. It covers key areas such as industry size and structure and competitive environment. The report contains 21 tables and charts of key industry data.
Table of Contents
Table of Content

Industry Update
Industry Size/ Structure
Recent Industry Developments
Competitive Environment

Figure 1. Internet in Denmark- Internet Adspend (2008-12)	
Figure 2. Internet in Denmark- Internet Adspend (Q4 2011-Q1 2013)	
Figure 3. Internet in Denmark- Internet Adspend(2009-13f)	
Figure 4. Internet in Denmark- Internet Adspend (2008-12)	
Figure 5. Internet in Denmark-Internet subscribers by Type (H1 2011-H2 2012)	
Figure 6. Internet in Denmark-Internet access by Type(Week 1-13 2011-Week 31-48 2012)	
Figure 7. Internet in Denmark-Broadband subscribers by company (H1 2010-H2 2012)	
Figure 8. Internet in Denmark- Broadband subscription by type of connection (H1 2010-H2 2012)	
Figure 9. Internet in Denmark-Subscription by type of customers (H1 2010-H2 2012)	
Figure 10. Internet in Denmark  Mobile broadband subscriptions (H1 2011-H2 2012)	
Figure 11. Internet in Denmark-Top 10 online publishers unique visitors (Oct 2012-Mar 2013)	
Figure 12. Internet in Denmark-Top 10 online publishers Page views (Oct 2012-Mar 2013)	
Figure 13. Internet in Denmark-Top 10 websites unique visitors (Oct 2012-March 2013)	
Figure 14. Internet in Denmark-Top 10 online websites page views (Oct 2012-Mar 2013)	
Figure 15. Internet in Denmark- Top 10 mobile websites by mobile devices (Nov 2012-Apr 2013)	
Figure 16. Internet in Denmark- Top 10 mobile websites by page views (Nov 2012-Apr 2013)	
Figure 17. Internet in Denmark-Top online job networks Unique visitors(Oct 2012-Mar 2013)	
Figure 18. Internet in Denmark-Top online job networks Page views (Oct 2012-Mar 2013)	
Figure 19. Internet in Denmark-Recent activities	
Figure 20. Internet in Denmark-Key Acquisitions	
Figure 21. Internet in Denmark - Major Players
Companies covered
TDC A/S, The Danish Broadcasting Corp (DR), JP/Politikens Hus A/S, North Media A/S, Stofa (Ratos), Eniro Denmark AS, Telenor Denmark A/S, TV 2
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Premium Reports are designed for users who require access to authoritative data and analysis in a form that can be used efficiently. The reports are particularly helpful for understanding companies, industry size and structure, trends and competitive environment and form an ideal starting point for developing market entry strategies, identifying potential acquisitions and partners and understanding competitors. Strategy and business development professionals, advisors and consultants will find the reports particularly useful.
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