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Key features

G2Mi provides rapid access to a wealth of industry analysis and information, via four easy to use search forms - each one covering a key area of industry and company analysis.  Information can be viewed online or downloaded in convenient formats such as pdf and Excel.

Company data and profiles

G2Mi provide essential company information and analysis in a searchable database and as part of premium reports (which all contain relevant information and data on companies).  T
he Analyzer tool allows users to select and download key company data in Excel.

Key data/analysis

  • Business activities/description
  • Ownership type (public/private/other)
  • Key KPIs (revenues, employee numbers) 
  • Senior management 
  • Transactions & key developments 
  • Essential contact information
  • Operational data (e.g. readership/circulation, audience, reach, subscribers)


Industry analysis and reports

Profiles of industry sectors on a country basis (e.g. Internet Sector in Brazil).  The analysis is available in two forms: snapshots and premium reports.  Snapshots provide a quick overview of key facts and data for an industry sector.  Premium reports are detailed reports providing analysis and commentary on companies and industries; for most sectors, there is an initial detailed profile report followed by regular update reports.

Key data/analysis

  • Sector description/overview
  • Industry size data (full year and interim)
  • Industry structure analysis
  • Competitive landscape & major players
  • Transactions & key developments 
  • Operational data for major players (e.g. readership/circulation, audience, reach, subscribers)
  • Regulatory environment



Deal intelligence

Transactions data is accessible through a comprehensive database of M&A deals, private equity/venture capital investments, partnerships and rights deals.  Approximately 800 transactions are monitored each month by G2Mi's dedicated deal intelligence team.  

Key data/analysis

  • Sector/area of activity
  • Deal participants (name, location, type)
  • Deal value/structure
  • Detailed deal description
  • Description of participant's operations


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