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We are interested in forming partnerships with organisations in the areas of content licencing and research marketing.  We are particularly interested in companies that operate websites in business information, industry research and news websites (in areas such as media and marketing, finance, investment and digital media).

Content Licencing

G2Mi can provide third party websites with access to some of its research content.  The content (such as company profiles) is available in either an unbranded or G2Mi-branded format. 

Reseller Partnerships

We are interested in forming partnerships with organisations that can resell G2Mi subscriptions to their customer base.  If you have a large audience from the media, finance and/or marketing services industries, we can offer you commission arrangement for selling G2Mi subscriptions.

For further information and a preliminary discussion, please call Harjinder Singh-Heer on +44 (0) 208 180 7223.

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